Businesses don’t do well because they have money and the latest technologies; they do well because they have the best people.


If we care about the contribution of talent to enterprise performance, then we must begin to care about the practices that develop the talent in our organizations. Yet when it comes to talent, generic HR Management Standards just do not cut the grade. Talent is a strategic differentiator, which makes the case for robust talent management stronger than ever before. This is why we at Allaboard partnered with Africa’s leading human capital consultants, practitioners and academics, to develop the now internationally-accredited Talent Management Best Practices (TMBP) Standard – a Standard that is purely focused on enabling world-class talent management programs and interventions. The Standard was developed primarily to accelerate and sustain the transition from concept to practices, and ultimately from practices to culture, in the management of corporate talent. This Standard provides an Excellency Framework in talent and human capital management, and defines those ‘best practices’ that make a standout impact across the Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC)®. The TMBP Standard, which comes as an Integrated Framework, provides the core requirements, specifications, guidelines and best practices, for managing the organization’s most important asset - its talent. Through the TMBP Standard, the Standards and Audit Board has condensed the most important dimensions of talent management, and embedded standards of excellence that embody best practices for driving measurable transformation of the Talent Pipeline. The Talent Dimensions and their respective Standards provide corporate and people leaders with a set of rigorous, coherent and stretchy practices that meet international yardsticks in the acquisition, on-boarding, development, deployment, retention and off-boarding of talent in organizations.


To date, the TMBP Standard has already enabled organizations of various sectors and sizes to mainstream talent management, making it pervasive across functions, business units and hierarchical levels. To Chief Human Resources Officers and their HR teams, the TMBP Standard will provide you with an integrated Tool for auditing your organization’s talent practices and programs, a yardstick for transforming those practices against well defined transformation milestones, and a turnkey framework for conceptualizing and delivering a successful Talent Management Program. Talent management is both a science and an art, where HR modeling and analytical capabilities support good gut that is enhanced by experiential wisdom. The TMBP Standard provides the scientific dimension and scope for generating and deploying processed information to make the right talent decisions. The Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM) and the International Board of Standards (IBS) have accredited the TMBP Standard, and now certifies the Talent Practitioner’s Certification Programme, in recognition of important contribution that the TMBP Standard is making to talent investment across the world. The TMBP Standards and Audit Board, and all Implementation Partners at Allaboard and ABMC International thank you for your interest in this Talent Management Best Practices Standard, and wish you a transformative experience with the Talent Management Best Practices Standard.

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