Whist it is generally true that good things start out small, not all small things eventually grow big, because not all small good ideas are noticed and supported with the requisite resources and capabilities. Growing a company from micro to small, to medium and eventually to large enterprise status requires more than just a strong and compelling vision, as our research has revealed. At Allaboard, we have realized that when it comes down to SMEs, success is all down to solid strategy. SMEs require the ability to deliver on the small but critical enablers of stability (first) and growth (second). These enablers include financial records management, tax compliance, business planning, management systems, and effective contracting. At Allaboard, we help SMEs realize and remember that they are in business, and hence as a minimum, they must play by business rules when it comes to management and governance. We provide very targeted assistance towards SME set-up so that the business can access the right type and levels of credit with reasonable guarantees to financiers, whilst facilitating all the necessary compliance requirements to secure their going concern prospects. However, we do more than just set up management systems. We identify and implement innovative interventions aimed at enabling SMEs to differentiate, become leaner and faster, and compete on the strengths of their size. We assist with the formulation and activation of an appropriate commercial strategy and business-operating model, and identify the right strategic partners to deliver the business-operating model. Most Governments in Africa have SME Development as part of their national agenda towards socio-economic transformation. At Allaboard, we support these Government efforts by delivering focused capacity development in the form of business training, mentorship and coaching. We also carry out Government-funded research in SME potential in order to identify specific value chains into which Governments and other development partners can focus their investment support. Under the SME Segment, we provide the following services;

·      Business Set-up and Organization

·      SME Business Operating Model

·      Funding and Capital Structure

·      Access to Capital and Markets

·      Commercial Strategy

·      Technology Strategy

·      Business Regulatory & Tax Environment

·      Business Management Capability Transfer

·      Government Support through SME Business Training

·      SME Value Chains Research for Investment Focusing