Let's simplify TM implementation! How would you know at which stage your Talent Management Programme is, how much have you accomplished towards its full implementation, and what else needs to be done. TMBP encourages a phased approach in the implementation of a formalised Talent Management Programme. Phasing the implementation process ensures that you build the necessary awareness, change, enterprise capabilities and implementation frameworks before you go headlong into the technical aspects of talent management. This is where TMBP's Talent Management Maturity Model (TMMM) comes in handy - to define the stages and explain the specific milestones that underpin your Talent Management implementation process, and clarify the intervention focus at each Stage of the Maturity Cycle. You want it to mature and succeed, you cannot jump key Steps. Buy the TMBP Standard - it now comes with the Talent Management Maturity Model (TMMM).