Whether you are Government, Regional or Local Authority, State Enterprise, Private Company or NGO, this is a research of priceless value and insight for your top executives and senior managers. When a research unravels the holy grail of strategy implementation, then it is not only important, it is strategic. Between June and September 2017, Allaboard will coordinate a strategically pitched Research on Strategy Implementation, unravelling the strategic enablers, challenges and bottlenecks. The research looks at the perspectives of Leaders (CEOs, Permanent Secretaries, Director Generals, etc.) on the one hand, and Executive / Senior Managers on the other hand, and mid-level managers yet on the other hand. If your organisation participates by responding at all 3 levels (CEO, EXCO and Senior / Middle Manager, then you are entitled to receive the detailed Report for free. Participating at any 2 Levels entitles you to receive the Abridged Report and buying the Full Report at USD250. Participating at 1 Level will earn your organization the Executive Summary and buying the Full Report at USD500, whilst non-participants can buy the Report at USD1700. Download the Research Tool here, complete and send back Allaboard. .