Talent Practitioners Africa Forum (TPAF)


In October every year, Talent Practitioners, Human Resources Executives and Managers, and Business Leaders meet in a selected country to discuss nothing other than Talent. This is at the Talent Practitioners Africa Forum (TPAF), Africa’s premier annual Human Capital and Talent Convention that is run by Allaboard and coordinated by ABMC International. The main objective of the Practitioners roundtable even is to discuss and share insights gained across both the Africa and Global scene on Talent Management practices, with an aim of transforming enterprise capabilities for improved talent acquisition, on-boarding, development, deployment, engagement and retention.

With a specific focus on workable experiences on improving the overall health of the Talent Pipeline, the continental Convention brings together Thought Leaders from the global and African landscape - Business leaders, HR practitioners, academics/ researchers, consultants, and technology vendors. The 2-day Symposium delivers tangible take-aways for Delegates in the form of research insights, latest practices and models, case analyses, benchmarks, as well as 360° networking with the stakeholder community on matters of Talent Management. The Convention draws by far the widest participation compared to any other HR event on the continent. Follow the TPAF Web Page for details as the Convention draws near, and follow us on our social media platforms for periodic updates on programme, venues, presenters, and registration process. The Annual Event provides the following activities and benefits as a minimum;

  • Awards for 3 top performing Certified Talent Practitioners

  • Award for Africa Talent Practitioner of the Year – talent pipeline transformation Excellency

  • Research Reports on talent management topical issues and trends

  • Keynote presentations and round table discussions led by vastly experienced Practitioners and Consultants

  • Talent management software exhibitions

  • Opportunities for extensive networking in order to learn from other organizations via interactive benchmarking

Each Annual TPAF Edition has its own unique theme, programme, topics, presenters and schedule of events. The TPAF takes place in several countries on a rotational basis. We cooperate with the hosting country’s Institute of Human Resources Management, in order to make the TPAF a resounding success. If you see your institution as a potential Sponsor or Coordinating Partner to the TPAF, please get in touch with us at Allaboard or our Events Partner at ABMC International, so that your participation can be secured.    


View 2017 TPAF here