situational research (si)

At Allaboard, we firmly believe that planning from a position of information is planning from a position of strength. We estimate that in most cases, management gets into strategic planning, attempting to chart the organization’s long-term future, with only 20% of the insights and Intel requisite for an informed and effective strategy. We help determine the right information and Intel so that your strategy is focused and deep cutting, and tactics have relevance and pinpoint precision. We have realized that Intel enables the generation and analysis of strategic options, simplifies the process of making strategic choices, and gives strategic responses and initiatives greater accuracy and maximum impact. That is why we provide the resources, expertise and the methodologies to undertake dipstick Situational Research, well before the Strategy Workshop. We work with the CEO, functional executives and external thought leadership partners to conduct relevant environmental studies in order to generate the necessary Intel against which strategies and programs can be stress-tested. Our situational research is aimed at enabling planning in context. For example, we are able to determine, through situational scanning, which competitors to spotlight, which opportunities to position for, and which threats to tag and monitor. Our situational research focuses on the top 5 perspectives that we have realized Intel makes a decisive difference. These areas are; (i) customer perspective, (ii) competitor perspective, (iii) digital perspective, (iv) the future perspective, and (v) risk perspective. Through our research, we try to answer the Questions; Who are your customers and what do they really want; who are your competitors and what do they have up their sleeve; what lies around the corner and what is its potential impact on our organization; what disruptive threats and opportunities lie in the digital space; what are the key risks in the landscape. We invest in answering these questions well before the Strategy Workshop in order to give client organizations a strong footing to undertake a highly successful Strategic Planning process. Under Situational Analysis, we deliver the following;


  • Understanding the organization’s internal and remote environments
  • Scoping and delimitation of the Situational research areas
  • Situational analysis Frameworks and Tools development
  • Situational reporting to EXCO and Board at the strategy workshops
  • Institutional and enterprise Risk Matrix based on the SI Report