What is the Certified TMBP Programme?

The Certified TMBP Programme is the only talent management Certification Programme for HR and Talent Practitioners, globally. The Programme is targeted at Talent Acquisition (Recruitment) Managers, L&D Managers, HR Planning Managers, and Human Capital General Managers who want to deepen their appreciation and competences in the strategic field of talent management, whilst earning a unique certification by a globally recognized certification institute, the Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM), which itself in an ISO 9001 certified global education accrediting institution. The Certified TMBP Programme also comes with an Endorsement Seal of the International Board of Standards (IBS). The Programme is based on the Talent Management Best Practices (TMBP) Standards, making it very practical, hands-on and implementation-focused. The Programme is delivered by vastly experienced trainers and facilitators who have met the rigorous accreditation standards of GAFM. The learning model employed during the certification training blends individual + group assignments, presentations, case analysis, and an in-class examination. Upon completion, you will receive your certification from the GAFM, which is recognized in over 150 countries. You will then be able to use the designation ‘Certified Talent Practitioner’ on your business cards and resume. The Certified TMBP Programme is hosted by Allaboard Africa.

Why the Certified TMBP Programme?

Most HR Practitioners are certified HR Generalists. Whilst general HR certifications develop and/or upgrade HR Practitioners to meet the minimum standards, there is an acute shortage of specialized skills when it comes to managing strategic components of human resources such as talent management. Attending the Certified Talent Practitioner’s Programme and gaining its globally accredited certification not only differentiates you from your ‘generally certified’ HR colleagues; it attests to your ability to approach human resources management from a specialized, analytical perspective. This Programme develops more than just HR skills; it develops people with the acumen and ability to transform and improve practices and programs across the Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC) – from talent acquisition to onboarding, development, deployment, retention and off boarding. The Certified TMBP Programme will change the way you as an HR Practitioner approach people investment and management, and your level of application during your interactions with the Board, CEO, fellow executives and managers. Practitioners registering for this Programme have realized that it is a significant differentiator to their résumé, personal credentials and career prospects. However, this Programme confers more than just global certification; it adds priceless value to your role and contribution to your organization. The Certified TMBP Programme is indeed the next sought-after programme in the HR field. Register today!

Certified TMBP Programme Curriculum

  • INTRO - TALENT MANAGEMENT  I context, concepts, agenda, vision, objectives, frameworks   

  • TM - BUSINESS ALIGNMENT  I  talent value model, Board agenda alignment, enterprise value add

  • TDVC TRANSFORMATION   I  talent practices audit, TDVC process realignment

  • TM EXCELLENCY FRAMEWORK  I  talent leadership, channels of contribution, capability model

  • TALENT PROFILING & POOLING  I  profiling, pooling, conversations, concept of potential

  • TM STANDARDS I acquisition, onboarding, deployment, development, succession, off-boarding  

  • TM PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION  I implementation roadmap, metrics and analytics

  • PRACTITIONER’S TM TOOLKIT  I   profiling tools, planning tools, program




Download Talent Practitioner’s Certification Programme Brief here